Market drop is ‘small potatoes,’ economy still strong, rates going up


“Clearly the market is adjusting to the fact that the global economy is growing quite quickly and as a consequence of that, monetary authorities around the world are either starting to remove accommodation or thinking about starting to remove accommodation, and that’s a little different than the environment we were in the prior seven or eight years,” he said.

Even with the Dow nearly touching correction territory of a 10 percent decline, Dudley said his views about the Fed needing to normalize rates have not wavered. Markets widely expect the central bank to enact a quarter-point hike in March, then perhaps two more the rest of the year.

“I have more confidence in the durability of the expansion and more confidence that the Federal Reserve is going to have to continue to more monetary policy accommodation,” he said.

If he saw the stock sell-off persist and threaten to choke off business and household spending, Dudley said he might change his view. But, he added, “that’s not likely.”



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